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Expand as a LEADER!


Use your brilliant skills into an abundance of wealth freedom!


Do you want to gain more confidence taking  decisions during a time of transition or highly challlenging situations?

Do you aim to evolve your ideas into meaningful projects with tangible revenue?

Are you looking for total clarity of your leadership vision and start aligning all your actions to achieve your goals?

This program was conceived for the entrepreneurial and dynamic woman who seeks professional and financial fulfillment without sacrificing her personal life. The methodology used will allow you to work on yourself, without ever changing your personality, but rather providing you with the necessary tools to achieve success in all dimensions of your life.

Expand your leadership with confidence!



Choose the area or goal you want to work on and I will accompany you for 3 months with total focus on you!


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Is this you?

A business woman, entrepreneur or professional who:

Seek to take on more leadership responsibilities or are in a transitional period

Are launching or creating their own business

Aim to grow their business or career internationally

What results to expect?

  •  A clear leadership vision and full awareness of your potential, objectives and leadership plans;
  • Increased productivity: Understand the difference between being "busy" and being "productive";
  • More assertive decision-making process: lead with ease, manage any situation and boost growth;
  • Balance of your personal and professional life effectively, without guilt;
  • New levels of personal and professional confidence: extend your impact and transform your ability to influence organizational and social change;
  • Become more aware of your personal strengths, lead with authenticity and head towards the change you want to see in the world;
  • Access your inner wisdon - "intuition"- on a daily basis so you can have more ease in all situations;
  • Recognize your “value” and how to project it on your business or career;
  • Greater awareness of the values ​​and beliefs that underlie personal fulfillment;
  • Communicate with power: develop a professional presence with effective verbal and non-verbal skills.
  • A new way to relate with yourself and others so you can have more ease in any relationship.

“I learned practical learning in a short time. I am happy to be able to contribute with what I learned from Esther in my organization. Thanks!"

Workshop Participant: Are you a conscious leader? by Esther Liska

WIN Global Conference, Rome 2018

Take advange of Esther's International Experience!


Meet your mentor!

International Speaker and Founder of the Glow Woman Club, an organization that promotes leadership in women, combining more than 20 years of professional experience and know-how to develop the potential of the entrepreneurial woman helping her feel more confident about her image, abilities, skills and personal and professional potentialities.

One of her most successful transformational online programs is the Digital Bootcamp: Glow With Confidence, which gave origin to her latest book "Glow with Confidence".

Creator of the Women ́s Executive Leadership, a high impact immersion program for women leaders. She works as a coach and mentor for women who want to make a difference and facilitates training in organizations that share the vision of conscious leadership.

Co-author of the book "Female Entrepreneurship: Protagonists in Action" edited by EdiPUCRS, Brazil.

She is Venezuelan, married and the mother of a boy and a girl. He currently lives in Porto, Portugal.

"I started the mentoring program with Esther at a stage in my life, when I was considering major changes in my professional career. The time invested with Esther was crucial in making my decision and it also helped me enormously to put my options in perspective. Their approach is to accept, nurture and, at the same time, give guidance in a safe environment for self-discovery. I remember looking forward to our sessions and always leaving with a clear vision of what to do next and some insight gained."

Irena Domjanović

How does it work?


  • One-to-one and tailor made program;
  • 6 online mentoring sessions of 1h30min;
  • Duration of 3 months (fortnightly meetings);
  • Dates and times to be scheduled.


The meetings are online, through a dedicated platform to support the Program. The access is by an electronic invitation and it will serve as the main channel of communication for proposed activities, exercises, agenda, etc.

All mentoring sessions are recorded and made available within 24 hours.



Is NOW the time to EXPAND as a LEADER?

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"Our mentoring sessions made me reflect on the balance between work and personal life. How to be an authentic female leader, the importance of leading myself before leading others. Esther motivated and encouraged me in times of discouragement. She was my inspiration to guide other women through the Women and Young Women´s Organization in my locality in Johannesburg, South Africa. "

Nomonde Mbambo
CEO at Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital (GPHealth), South Africa


If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] 

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